Boredom is dangerous: Jokes apart

Boredom can be many things – frustating, irritating and seemingly never ending. But most of the people forget that it can also be one more thing – dangerous. For those who still haven’t got my point I regretfully inform you that you will find out and also agree with me soon enough. So here i present u the first edition of our blog (i say ours because there is no way im takin complete responsibility for crap like this 🙂 ). P.S. the easiset way to blog is using two magical key combinations (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). Here it goes :

Warning : The following text contains PJ’s

[3:07:51 PM] shashank: ok i just made a good joke
[3:08:17 PM] shashank: what do u call a hooker in Prague
[3:08:24 PM] shashank: or better still, what do u call a hooker Vishwanathan Anad hired in Prague
[3:08:53 PM] Vignesh:
i don’t know
[3:08:54 PM] shashank: Czeck Mate 🙂
[3:09:03 PM] shashank: had to get the chess in somehow
[3:09:37 PM] Vignesh: good. you’re compensating for sankalp’s absence.

A quick note for those of you who don’t know Sankalp: he’s a close acquaintance of ours, who’s an expert at making terrible, terrible jokes. For example, what do you call a Vignesh who serves the Air Force? A MIG-nesh. So now we return to the conversation:

[3:09:42 PM] shashank: ha ha
[3:09:46 PM] shashank: yeah right
[3:09:55 PM] shashank: this one was way better than any

And if you thought that one was bad, keep reading to be surprised.

[3:18:44 PM] shashank: then all will be well with the world again
[3:19:17 PM] shashank: i just thought of another briliant joke
[3:19:24 PM] shashank: but it wud be too long#
[3:19:26 PM] Vignesh: which is,
[3:19:39 PM] shashank: ok there were these two lovers, whos parents dint letthem get married
[3:19:57 PM] shashank: but they wanted to be together, so they planned to run away
[3:20:19 PM] shashank: then the girls parents found out, and kept her locked in the house
[3:20:37 PM] shashank: but after a lot of effort she broke out and ran away with her lover
[3:21:09 PM] shashank: but the cops chased them because the family told them to find these two
[3:21:21 PM] shashank: they ran for many days avoiding cops
[3:21:30 PM] Vignesh: and did they win the marathon?
[3:21:44 PM] shashank: and finaly the guy got hurt in the leg and he cudnt run much
[3:21:56 PM] Vignesh: so he didn’t win the marathon
[3:22:13 PM] shashank: so the girl took him near a well to get water
[3:22:23 PM] shashank: but she slipped inside, the guy tried to hold on to her arm but she fell in, into the deep well
[3:22:52 PM] shashank: and then she drowned to her death
[3:23:06 PM] shashank: and then the guy started laughing
[3:23:10 PM] shashank: tell me y
[3:23:23 PM] Vignesh: i don’t know why
[3:23:33 PM] shashank masaldan: because Alls well that ends in the Well
[3:23:37 PM] shashank masaldan: 🙂
[3:23:38 PM] Vignesh: haha
[3:23:49 PM] Vignesh: write this in your blog!
[3:23:56 PM] Vignesh: you’re bound to become popular!
[3:24:07 PM] shashank masaldan: i shud just copy paste this conversation 🙂
[3:24:19 PM] Vignesh: include the marathon part.
[3:24:24 PM] shashank masaldan: yeah
[3:24:29 PM] shashank masaldan: i mean the whole thing
[3:24:30 PM] Vignesh: i’m not very particular about getting credits for it though. 🙂

… and thus this blog was born! 😀

A note to the naive reader: the time of this conversation has been included to increase the annoyance level. If you really have it in you, read newer posts and you’d realize you can’t survive for long.

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