Vigilant vacationing part II: why they say it’s wise to think twice

For those of you who’ve just opened this page, I’m informing you that this post is a continuation of the previous post. So in case you haven’t read it already, here’s your chance. I have no reason why one shouldn’t go to Prague, because I haven’t been there myself. Although I would strongly advocate going to Paris – because out there, love is in the air! Haha! They don’t say it without any reason – you’ve to be there to know it. But it’s definitely not the place to go when you’re going to spend your time with a bunch of Telugu guys – then I guess Prague would have it’s way. Here’s why I condemn the previous post:

  1. The dude who wrote that shit obviously has no idea what Paris looks like – can’t really blame him, that’s all he can imagine.
  2. The number of pictures one clicks at a place depends on the company and not just the place. I have shot over three hundred pictures in one night at a place called VIT in Vellore – not because every building in VIT is a monument by itself, but because we were having fun at our farewell party. And trust me, you’d eventually get bored of shooting photos on a regular digital camera (yes, a regular digital camera – not a funky SLR that costs a lot) immaterial of where you go.
  3. I’ll give you 2 reasons why the Eiffel tower is cool: one, the veiw of course is majestic; and two, you can click awesome pictures with the tower when you’re far away like these:
  4. Between your legs

    Now try doing that to a hill in Prague. Hmph.

  5. The previous post is supported by a mirror maze! Haha! There’re mirror mazes in every city – even Hyderabad’s IMAX has it. Now have even mirror mazes become tourist attractions?! LOL!
  6. Here’s your lesson on how to attract tourists: you cannot attract people by saying it’s expensive to get a <how-much-ever-the-quantity-was> of beer for seven euros! No one’s going to Prague all the way to drink beer that tastes the same (I do have proof for this – the guy who drank that beer told me he paid freaking seven bucks for something that tasted just the same).
  7. That post breaches the primary objective of this blog – which is for us to have fun at the reader’s expense. Now they’re going to enjoy the two of us bickering about useless things.
  8. That post has reduced the number of hits on this blog. I didn’t realize a ridiculous post like that could have such deregatory effects – I log into the admin panel this evening only to find out that right on our second day, the number of hits has sored down:

See, now that means lesser people are going through the agony of reading this website/webpage/webblog/whatever. I sincerely hope that this one’s the last of it’s kind, for the motto might have been forgotten, but will not be lost: Just for fun – our fun, not yours. Haha!

Credits for the pictures with the Eiffel tower go to “Migufu” and to coolhandluke. All of their rights are reserved. I claim no responsibility for their work. 🙂

Update: to explain the positive effects of this post, I present you new statistics which were noted after this post was put up.

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