Vigilant Vacationing: Why Prague rocks more than Paris

Time is short they say. And i say the time classified as holidays is more short. So it takes no brainiac to understand that we have to choose our vacation choices wisely and not be fooled into visiting any random place just because it may be called the most romantic city,etc.
So under great threat from my co administrator(A Paris lover: The guy just broke his laptop connector plug. Hope that helps this stay up longer.) i present to you hard evidence oh why Prague is such a rocking place(i could have added “and Paris isn’t ” but that just cant be done with the power sharing setup on this blog 🙂 )
And yes I will put them in points for the benefit of some of our mentaly impaired friends ,specially for those who became so after reading our other blogs.

Reason number 1

The cool people(me) go to Prague.


Reason number 2

The lame people go to wait ,that’s already implied before.Ok let’s say this…
Prague has the greatest view at night from the Charles Bridge.Now folks ,I havn’t realy bin to Paris (cause that wud make me lame) but yes I do have some friends who have also bin to Paris and Prague.Even they think the View from the bridge is the best in Europe.


Reason number 3

Every building is a monument in itself. I could post pics here too but that wud be stupid. They were everywhere. After sometime I understood that I shud enjoy the place than to just keep clicking pics.Thankfully my other friends din’t realise this so we still ended up with 200 pics.


Reason number 4

Im sure a lot of u guys may think …oh sure Prague looks cool but Paris has the Eiffel tower. Well there is a tower in Prague too called the Katherine tower which is on top of a hill and it has a unique advantage over the Eiffel tower- you get a great view of the whole of Prague from up there unlike the case of Eiffel tower from which u can’t get a view of Prague at all(unless u have a map of Prague while ur on top of the Eiffel tower )

Yeah also there is a mirror maze next to the tower which is awesome fun

p1050295 Warning: Objects in the mirror may be stupider than they appear.

Reason 5

Lots of weird shit
Alien babies:great fun for pedophiles and non pedophiles alike


Some more weird shit
dsc052211p1050213 A very public toilet

And yes the weirdest of all : A beer for 7 euros

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One thought on “Vigilant Vacationing: Why Prague rocks more than Paris

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