Easter or Wester Chocolates are the Bester

Hello again..This weekend I had the opportunity to get a “Taste” of German culture again.The taste turned out to be chocolate.Its Easter time again over here but It was the first for me. And since this celebration boils down to getting and eating chocolate(bunnies ,eggs ,etc) I can totally understand it.

Easter bunny (pure chocolate) get Easter eggs(also pure chocolate)


An attempt to get chocolate rabbits to multiply(worth a shot !)


How the basket looks till 3 seconds after opening it.


Also I plan to celebrate it every year from now.

For those who don’t know already :I’m a chocoholic.i.e. my brain stops functioning below a threshold blood chocolate level.And for those who think this is crap I would have you note that thorough studies have been conducted by both me and Sankalp(u shud know him by now) on the occurrence of the Chocolatase enzyme. It has been known to occur in only two people so far but our study has lead us to believe that it leads to increased brain function apart from the ability to finish off a 2 kg chocolate cake all by urself before u finish reading this sentence.

Also documented is the effect of chocolate.AS it enters the blood stream it stimulates the chococrine gland (hidden behind the appendix..no one found it cause they thought anything behind a vestigial organ would be of no importance).That helps in raising the bodies oxytocin levels .Now u can use Wikipedia from this point to see what oxytocin can do and You wud see that i have a strong case.. This post was really stupid wasn’t it. It was just my way of making people understand 2 things :

1)Its Easter time ..so happy Easter !!

2)This is “Just for fun. Our fun..not yours 🙂 “

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5 thoughts on “Easter or Wester Chocolates are the Bester

  1. sankalp srivastava says:

    just finishd a black forest all by myself…

  2. ashes2087 says:

    i like the research work. i’m interesting in recruiting u for conducting further experiments on myself. full financial aid available. contact asap.

    • wigsandmuscles says:

      Dear Mr Ashes
      This is to inform you that your application to be our lab mouse could not be accepted.We at Wigsandmuscles received a record number of requests this year to be guiny pigs for our lab research. Since our opportunities are limited and the number of applicants was in record numbers it is not possible to accommodate everyone. We congratulate you on your high levels of joblessness to even comment on our useless blog. Our inability to select you is an indicator of the highly competitive nature of the whole thing. We wish you all the best for any other stupid ideas you would want to indulge in in the future.

      Head of Head hunting commitee

      • ashes2087 says:

        since this ain’t possible in any official contexts, here goes…


        that serves u right. hmph.

  3. wigsandmuscles says:

    Serves you right for leaving a two line piece of crap SOP. We do have an opening for contributions…write a 1000 page assay about the day u lost ur head and decided to be a contributor..

    Wig: Priceless!

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