The Great Indian Circus

Well..I really had to put some effort into deciding what the next post should be.Since it’s holidays here (thanks to the Easter bunny) my brain was in suspended animation. And even though it isn’t needed much to write blogs over here it is still a bit required to at least make some sense even if it still is crap..

And as I was thinking what to write about, one conversation with “cute boy” Puny showed me the light (something Sri Ram coudnt even find at the end of a tunnel). The answer was so simple. I was thinking of something stupid to write about and then I was reminded that the most stupid event is about to happen..the circus called elections. Yes the mud slinging is enjoyable in these times where political parties try to show how their ex cons are better to serve you than the ex cons(maybe not even ex) of the rival “evil ” political party . And even though I know this post might tarnish the good faith in which we blog(Just for fun,our fun not yours) I think its worth a write and worth a read.

Here is a brief idea of my ideas on the election scene:

1) The responsible adults (anyone over 18) casts a vote based on certain ideas ,beliefs, religious shit, free TV , just to have one’s say..etc in supposedly a sober condition.( At least voters between 18-25 cause permissible drinking age is above 25..another stupid thing..but lets not make meaningful blogging a regularity here)

2)A lot of people just take the time as an extra vacation

3)Votes are counted(hopefully) and based on which parties decide which of them will come together to form the next bunch of people “in charge”.

And yes whats funny is the amount of money thrown away during this process.

And though the whole process of campaigning and anti campaigning is hilarious from a 3rd person perspective ,the sad part is we are the first people to be affected by this.

And the outcome is usually the same :

1) Fun you tube videos/adds by political parties.

2)Open trash talking

3)The old religion vs religion ,caste vs caste card(something politicians learned pretty well since Independence)

4)Stuck with another crappy government (soft on terror, appeasing their vote banks ,etc) for hopefully a whole term (else the wicked cycle repeats itself.)

So I suggest people should let their feelings show here. I mean yes we all think we have a lot of things to do and wudn’t touch politics with a 10 foot pole attached to a 10 km stick. But it sucks that it is that way..So just tel me if anyone has a clue of where we can move forward and how…

Don’t worry..ur regular dose of crap will resume from tomorrow..I just had to get this big heap of crap of my mind first.. 🙂

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