Cooking up trouble again! : recipes from Mom

Many people who know me believe that I suck at cooking.That can’t be farther from the truth. The fact is I din’t know any cooking to suck at it in the first place. For a lot of time I was content with the fine art of finger cooking(the method in which u use a device called a telephon and your fingers) and also was quiet blessed to have a good cook for a room mate/house mate( good is an arbitrary word used to describe anyone who can cook food that is barely edible to something that realy tastes great).So since the need never presented itself I never realy cared.

But yesterday I had this great urge to cook which now that I analyze could be because of two reasons:

  1. All my ready- to- eat (a gift sent from god to save all mankind in the absence of womankind) were over with.
  2. I thought this might make for an interesting blog if I do manage to cook something edible( anything that after eating I can still live to blog about) and even more interesting if it gets screwed up.

So I called up my Mom (that’s my other Mom) at 11:00 pm in the night (thats German time,2:30 IST) to ask how to make French toast (made sense not to be over adventures on the first transition from finger cooking).

Wig: Why you little!? Wait till I make a German toast of you!

So with this great knowledge I embarked on my Quest and I also give you a guided tour of  it as the STAGES OF THE EGG from the fridge to to plate.

Step 1) Make the necessary arrangement: Get your ass of the bed. Find out where the oil is.Figure out the difference between salt and finely powdered sugar(or you would get your just desserts)

Step 2)Put the oil on a pan and heat it.Be ready to jump out of the way of flying oil.It can sense the inexperience in your breath i think.


Step 3)Follow the following instructions:


Step 4) Fry the french toast to be.(In case it doesnt, try to turn on the stove/heater)


Step 5) Eat your creation. 🙂


And hey since I live to tell about it even while cooking and taking pics at the same time I think il be more adventures watch this space..

Wig: Unfortunate that I don’t have a working camera in hand. Had I, you’d have been able to see better creations. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Cooking up trouble again! : recipes from Mom

  1. puneeth says:

    nice foundation! now go on to trying more stuff.. i hear vignesh manages and cooks more stuff than just an omelet ( uh i think i spelt that wrong )

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