The Psychology of Psychos

Ever occur to you why we even started this blog?

Was it the urge to be heard? Was it out of desperation to kill time? Was it due to the chronic need to be a pain in the ass of all those people we have contact with electronically?

Yes,it was all these things.But beyond that there was a greater need. A need which was eating us from the inside.A need which U also feel…a Need so complex it needs a whole blog post to explain…This one

We all know the world around us is crazy..(i do,assumed u also know this) and whats more crazy is the people who knowing this still believe that the world is highly systematic and everything is in its rightful place. I don’t believe that the world is a mirage or there is a matrix we all need to wake up from. But just to be sure we try the oldest trick in the book..Reverse psychology

So the whole blog is an experiment (Yes a grand one at that.Wer’nt you guys missing the experimental sections here). We figure that by staying in a world which is crazy yet believed to be sane we can only find some meaning by being and saying things that are absolutely crazy.Since they are excepted as crazy the only conclusions that you can get from them may be sane…And though I know a lot of people reading his blog will just forget about it ..and a lot of people wont even read this I would like to share the divine truth that we are slowly uncovering thru it. And that divine truth is that this blog is Just for fun,our fun..not yours.

In the words of Nelson,


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4 thoughts on “The Psychology of Psychos

  1. SHRADHA says:

    it was fun reading. so I did derive fun. MY fun.

  2. wigsandmuscles says:


  3. SHRADHA says:

    that is the best defense u could come up with to disprove that I dint have FUN. now thats fun

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