Dr. Mouse

Inspired from House MD of course.


Click on the image to get a full view. Our thanks to ToonDoo for help with creating characters, their emotions and of course, the backdrop (photoshop CS for the rest). This strip was developed by muscles and created by wig (yeah, now you can go like Homer Simpson saying mmmm.. developed by). All rights to this cartoon strip (of three lines) lies with wigsandmuscles and it’s under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-Share Alike 3.0 license because there’s a little picture on the right-hand side widget bar saying so. Don’t go around taking credit for this. Hmph.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Mouse

  1. shradha says:

    i actually loved it!
    wigs: Almost all that we need to hear! We would be glad with more hits everyday though. Keep reading!

  2. sankalp srivastava says:

    my iq dropped by 10 points

    wigs: That would mean it’s gone below zero!

  3. Tanvi arora says:

    good work guys!!

    wigs: Thank you Bubba! Maybe we could even start a forwarding e-mail thread with this comic. 😉

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