Dearly departed

It is a sad day today.With profound grief I would like to inform you all that my laptop is dead.(for now atleast..yeah all ur prayers worked) .But in such grim times we at wigsandmuscles bring out the best in us(which is still not good by any way of which we maintain our standards).Which effectively means that the shit we churn out as “blog posts” is gona continue( look out for more comics kiddies..i know how it works with most of our fans..”me dumb…me like lot of colored understand better..have only one neuron for a brain”)

I will not forget my dear laptop cause it has enabled me in most of my evil schemes ..and even in its last few days it helped Wigs and me unleash a blog cum plague apon the world…and we move on only because I know even my laptop would have wanted us to go on so that we may continue to blog for fun..our fun..not urs!

PS: This freak accident also led to the next blog post..

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4 thoughts on “Dearly departed

  1. SHRADHA says:

    i deeply mourn the sad, eventful and explosive demise of the beloved machine that witnessed moments of ur underrated glory! it has given the pleasure of watchin gsimpsons infact. and i will never be able to repay the genuine favor!(it doesnt mean that i have to repay it to muscles coz muscles is not a laptop).but muscles should start treating the machines with love, coz they have feelings. 🙂

  2. wigsandmuscles says:

    I treated the thing better than I would treat my own kid..which is apparently bad news for any kid i might have..

  3. SHRADHA says:

    i think its better that i grow ur kids.

  4. […] experience which had its beginning in another traumatising experience of one’s laptop being laid to rest when most needed.I am not really sure what parameters define the situation when a laptop is most […]

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