Which facebook quiz are you?

I’m sure you all take some quiz or the other up on facebook. There’re so many that help you figure out when you die, what your actual age is, which microorganism you are, and so on. It went to the point where you cannot mock it. Too complicated? I’ll explain. Let’s say you make fun of all these quizzes saying “Which mythical creature are you?” And then you open up facebook to find out that there actually is one by that name, and you go WTF?! Facebook 1, you 0.

And as I pondered upon how this madness could be spreading so rife, I stumbled upon this (note, you need to sign up with facebook to access that application). If you aren’t already on facebook, trust me it isn’t worth venturing into. The this in the penultimate sentence refers to an application that lets you create your own quiz. So I thought I’ll give it my shot at it, and evenutally came up with this. You need to be on facebook to answer this quiz too (and this time, trust me again, it’s worth joining facebook to take this quiz).

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take the quiz yet, take it now. And if you actually had it in you to read till this line, I’m happy. For I have made another <see image below> out of you. God bless the internet!


P.S.: We at wigsandmuscles appreciate your constant following of our blog! We would be happier if you become a fan of our page on facebook. And oh, if you don’t like our blog here’s our message to you: “we will continue writing till you become a fan of our page.” Confused?! My objective is achieved. 🙂

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One thought on “Which facebook quiz are you?

  1. […] the?! They’re everywhere! And yes, we’ve written enough about that earlier on this glorious blog-post. We even have our own celebrated wigsandmuscles quiz which you can take here. […]

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