Another Diabolical Scheme

We at wigs and muscles are outraged by the fact that we have so little fans on our FB fanpage. But yet again this has been our highest motivation to go on with this crap(seriously if we have 100 fans we would stop..honest..well not realy). So after a lot of analysis and thinking for a long time(3 sec) we could determine that the only thing holding back the horde of fans we have from making their presence felt is only one thing…Free Will

So now that we know whats the problem we as good research people just decided to do away with it..and hence…..


Look at this carefully for 20 seconds



You are getting sleeeeepy












you are In my power now( So we will ensure its for our fun ..not urs…for the skeptics)

You will do as I command.





Punch yourself in tha balls…no wait wait!..just cheking if you were in my power




Now go to facebook! and search for wigsandmuscles or just click this..





click on become a fan and wait till it says you are a fan.




Now when I end the sentence you will return to normal(I mean back to being a ” Free willed” moron) and your IQ would have droped 20 points( for most of you it’ll be subzero now) .

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2 thoughts on “Another Diabolical Scheme

  1. Nikhil says:

    No way I’m surrendering! I’ll never click that Button!!

    Cool post BTW

  2. […] we get 5 ppl everyday( I am wondering if its the same group everyday..hey maybe that hypnosis post worked..i always knew it would.) So we decided that the next post would only come when we hit zero […]

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