Commandments commanding respect!

We all know Good Lab Practices..well u should. But research in thse troubled times require a better code of i give to you the 12+ commandments which could have come from a higher being…a drunk almost scientist (boy that’s still debatable)

  1. Thou shal not use the same tip twice. Yes, it’s a biotech sin to do so.
  2. Thou shal not reverse the electrodes during electrophoresis. Even so during blotting.
  3. Thou shal not hide beer in the cold storage room. A fur coat is okay to store inside.
  4. Thou shal not not drink any beer found in the cold storage room hidden by someone else. Okay, now it’s getting lame – muscles seems to have ran out of ideas already.
  5. Thou shal not try anything new in an established protocol without thinking of an excuse for if something goes wrong. I second this one. A valuable message to every aspiring nerd!
  6. Thou shal not use water where buffer is needed..only fools use water instead of TAE buffer to make agarose gel. Yeah, quoting one of the few remaining Masaldans in the world, “To err is human, but to make agarose gel in water instead of TAE is just plain stupid.”
  7. Thou shal not play with EtBr. Yes, it could cause cancer, despite the fact that it was used for treatment till a while back.
  8. Thou shal always have a positive control. Valuable lesson to be learned: always know what you’re looking for; and without control, you could easily be lost.
  9. Thou shal also have a negative control. This one’s just a corollary to the previous thing – remember when I said it’s getting lame. I correct it to “it’s getting lamer.”
  10. Thou shal not eat in the lab. I beg to differ.
  11. Thou shal atleast not be caught eating in the lab. If you are, remember to share it before you get busted.
  12. Thou shan’t put new blog posts from the lab. Although it is alright to update posts while you’re at work.

That is it for now. Feel free to add your commandments through the comments section.

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One thought on “Commandments commanding respect!

  1. wigsandmuscles says:

    13)Thou shal not think about french gfs while running a gel.

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