Booze: The Centrestage of the Central Dogma

I know i know…another blog dealing with alcohol..and no we arn’t alcoholics.Just the social drinking(since man is a social animal). And even though we din’t want any blogs on alcohol while we were blogging sobre there were some experiments conducted which gave results so compelling that it would be realy a shame if it is not told to the world.So here goes nothing..

Well the objective of the experiment was as simple as making cDNA from RNA(actually it was exactly that..for non bio geeks this would be a good time to click on the tiny X at the right hand extreme corner of ur screen)

What made an interesting result was that after isolating the “RNA” which was mostly ethanol(something called the 260/230 ratio..too less and all u have is ethanol) it was decided not to throw away the sample and proceed to making cDNA from it(which sounded extremely optimistic to a few..only the true believers stand up for this kinda thing).

And in the end cDNA was made..better than usual.Which lead to the following conclusions:

1)Ethanol is the stuff of life.

2)It is’nt by coincidence that alcoholic beverages are called spirits.(same as point 1)

3)The central dogma as we thought it was finally proved experimentaly:

    Ethanol–>RNA–>DNA–>Protein–>People–>Society–>Social drinking

And as always “I rest my case.” Me too.

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