Why have people stopped having human flues?

Its official. The major threat to the human race this year is the  swine flu ,and pigs fly. It seems mass hysteria over flus is the latest trend and since bird flu is as dead as a dodo there is a new one for us to fear. What is more of a pain than the flu itself is the thought that the Indian government is doing more than usual to screen people from Europe for the virus(which is sucky news for people coming home soon).

But there is no escaping it. The hysteria is real (even if the threat is not). And in the industry of biology one is more affected by such news(for eg . Recently we were gifted with a primer for the swine flu virus by mistake instead of the primer we ordered for. Before I could convince my boss how i could use that to “diversify” my “research” I was told that it had already been returned.Soon enough we got the right primer(read:boring) for our gene.)

 At times like these I am reminded of Darwin and his theory of evolution(a theory he formulated on a trip to the gallapagos islands.Years later I formulated the same theory independently after a bottle of MGM Vodka).Actualy most things remind me of evolution(its an OCD now i think).So one should stop to think if this an omen. Maybe humans are progressing towards becoming a pig like species.The recent “outbreak” of the dreaded swine flu is but the last straw which broke the proverbial camel’s back..more suttle hints were already evident:

1)Sankalp’s room can put any pig pen to shame.

2)Most of the “honorable” members of my No 1 university have close physical resemblance to pigs..whats more close is their thought process.

3)The apes in the movie “Planet of the Apes ” looked a lot like pigs..(atleast to me)

4)Odd grunting sounds made by my brother while finishing a tub of chocolate ice cream

Atleast these are good indicators that might hint on why the virus found it so easy to cross over..other theories are welcome too

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5 thoughts on “Why have people stopped having human flues?

  1. SHRADHA says:

    nice!! I enjoyed reading it. but i dont like the fourth argument…not like it matters..but good work. waiting for prison drake. bring it soon!

  2. puneeth says:

    argument no 5 : many of our laughter is like a pig’s grunt..

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