Top 10 inventions since the dawn of time!

Here goes the list. No chit chat this time…

1) Fire


2) Barbeque.


I wanted to put barbeque up at number 1 but there was the obvious technical constraint..i mean seriously what good is fire otherwise if not in a barbeque..I mean yes it glows and is hot but so do EtBr in UV and Angelina Jolie respectively.

3) Barbeque no just kidding. Its a fußball table(for those trying to find the key which types “ß” ..hope ur in germany otherwise as they say on orkut ..sorry no doughnut


4) AOE-I dnt think i need to justify it being here.Although I do wonder y its so much down the list.The only Microsoft product I dont hate..Im actualy in love with it. (AOE is Age of Empires…for those who have no clue..also those ppl may stop visiting this blog)

aoe aoe1



yes parafilm: one of the most wonderful substance known to man (if u have no clue about what is parafilm, then either you have never worked in a lab, or you have worked in a very pathetic lab, and in both cases I pity you).

6) Chocolate

chocmore chocolate

Its an addiction for me..hence i have this constant urge to put this in the list

7) Google stuff: G-Talk,G-Mail, G translate, G-maps,etc




Yeah the only invention of man which made him secondary to another being..fictional or not is another debate.

9)This blog ..


yeah it makes the list.Obviously.What did u expect..Its like when a TV channel makes an award function they win the best prize..we have been more humble to put ourselves at 9 (though we know we are more awesome than this)

10) Free internet resource..use it or abuse it still makes the cut

Other mentionable stuff: The wheel, Photoshop, spellcheck, Ice cream cone, Gummy bears..

Wigs update: We’ve had more to add to this list, thanks to Ramya: boomerangs, pull back cars, post-it notes. I took the previlage of adding lego building blocks (under the various brandnames they come in), photoshop (oh, he said that already, never mind), the five-rupee coffee by Nescafe, and so on.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 inventions since the dawn of time!

  1. puneeth says:

    no 5 : i have worked in lab, albeit a pathetic one , yet i know wat parafilm is 😛

  2. ramya says:

    Boomerangs. Pull back cars. Post-It Notes.

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