Excellence in crap

I know posting only links as a post is cheap..(and hence this post)

But the only reason we are putting this up is that these guys have already achieved the level of nonsence which we are only trying to achieve.(they are light years ahead I guess)

So with great pleasure we present to you these links..solid gold plated crap!

This one is from a movie called khooni raat..Brilliant choreography

And now an epic song

And..last but not the least ..cinematic excellence

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5 thoughts on “Excellence in crap

  1. vigneshjvn says:

    What the?! You put up this post within hours of the cartoon! I thought we’ll get some publicity and let people watch it. But gold plated shit nonetheless gets first priority up our blog. 😀 Cheers!

  2. wigsandmuscles says:

    compared to these works our blog looks realy a work of art

  3. Sandya says:

    you guys comment on your own posts.. that bad times?? well those you tube links were hilarious!! awesome stuff!

    • vigneshjvn says:

      Yup! We enjoy our work, despite what others think of it. If you want to generally comment about our activities, use the spitback page.

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