The stages of Thesis writing

At the fag end of our respective projects we are faced with the task of making sense of all what we did and to make it look it all comes down to a big report (with proper references, 70 pages for masters and 100 pages for a Ph.D). And unlike any other piece-of-trash assignment that we hand in, for some reason (which isn’t realy apparent) it is supposed to be approached with great caution and care.

So on the same lines as the 5 stages of grief [1] ( i hope this gets proper reference by wig giving the author due credit, or else its plaigarism..atleast that what it says in the guidlines) we present the stages of thesis writing..


stage 1

 Assuming that reports write themselves and that report writing is a spontaneous process.


stage 2

After some brainwave you realise something has to be done by the report and contrary to your earlier theory reports do have to be ultimately written.


stage 3

Well yes, even after acceptance we tend to slip into a denial phase when working full time in tha lab.This is assuming that we are doing good work and thus eventualy the report will be done.(This usualy is similar to our earlier feeling that reports write themselves.) At this stage one is just too happy to know that you can actualy do some lab work that you neglect the report.


stage 4

To differentiate this from Stage 2 it may also be called Painful acceptance..alternate nomenclature can be found: Pain in the ass,  the f*king report, piece of crap.

This usualy occurs when time is running out and the lab work is almost done with.


stage 5 or I Believe I can Fly stage

In this stage you for some reason believe you can finish your lab work and report 3 weeks in advance.(Not entirely sure how that dumb idea gets into ur head)

It is strongly recomended to get out of this stage as quickly as possible.


stage 6

well this stage presents itself in a unique way in Engineering and non-engineering students.

Non Engineering students:

  • Finish their lab work 3 weeks in advance but still do not stop with their experiments(?). Have a good report  ready a week before submission and fine tune it till the last day.

Engineering students:

  • Being  superior beings to the non engineering students, the engineering students carry out both essential and non essential work in and outside the lab. The work is accomplished with plenty of time for more work not related to their thesis atleast 3 weeks in advance of submission day. But as usual there is a rift in the space time continuam* and the process of finishing the report begins only the morning of the day of submission. The report is bound and ready one day later..or atleast u hope so. 

*Note: We wish to inform people that we are not being funded by Stephen hawking or his wife. Nor do we condone his beatings. We’re just make fun of it.

[1] Kübler-Ross model, explaining the 5 stages of greif. Good ‘ol wiki to the rescue.

[2] Most images courtesy MS Office clip-arts. Thank you muscles for renewing my love for using them! 😛 The superman logo is the registered trademark of it’s owner.

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2 thoughts on “The stages of Thesis writing

  1. Nikhil says:

    Couldn’t have put it better. Was planning on blogging about this, but you guys beat me to it! Awesome stuff, keep it up.

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