Back without a bang!

Well we are back after a long break (which just goes to prove that good things dont last forever). And as usual we plan to take our own sweet time puting up our next post. This is mearly a warmup run before the usual crap but hopefully by the end of this post it would be crappy enough to be worthy of this blog.

First we would like to explain to our die hard fans the reason for such a long absence (for others:here comes tha pain kids, all over again!).

As usual we will follow the age old practice of enlisting stuff to convey the factors for our long time offline:

1) Loads of travelling–> Back to India–>Across Delhi to unexplored territories of Rohini and Sonepat–> Thru the developed and undeveloped regions of UP villages–> Back to TN

Tour map

2) House hunting: Yeah a new established strong hold soon to be introduced to you as the W&M World Headquarters (see image below). We truly hit a purple patch hunting for houses.


The new W&M WHQ

3) A dip from the healthy blood alcohol levels enjoyed in Germany which always kept my brain on its toes.

4) General laziness (I was actualy considering that instead of this post I’d just put up the screenshot of the latest post Wigs’ own personal blog – go ahead, click on the link, I still consider his personal blog an act of treason).

Anyway we hope to put up posts all week long. We figured a generous serving of bullshit should more than make up for our extended tardiness (i hope thats a word. I’m sure I heard of it some where) ( I also hope somewhere is written like that and not like the way i wrote it this time. A lot of people seem to be examining the accuracy of my grammer. I’m also not sure if shuttling between I and We is really helping the fluency of the post and the general flow of the text. Anyways as long as people are fans I guess it’s fine. Otherwise this blog can truly be a pain if u analyse grammer or god forbid look into my spellings. {Bracketed text is another vice that I have, as is evident from this}).

Coming back to the week long post thing: In tune with the flavor of the month we would be focussing on the newbies to college life (aka first years and fachas) and how to survive down under along with the bare necessities. Also we look forward to meeting old friends on the day of reckoning when we graduands (I’m sure this is a word) are branded as engineers for life.

P.S.: We will also put up posts for general public who are not first years or graduating engineers, though seeing the number of people in college i doubt if there is anything in the general public apart from these two types.


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