Washing (and selling $$) dirty linen in public

Hello again… (I recently discovered the advantage of the three dots-more on that later).

We at wigs and muscles ,unlike other scum blogs, take pride in the institute which nurtures our talents. And here we go one excrutiating step further.. taking a leaf out of there books. And I guess if anyone can pay for a Graduation day gown, you wouldn’t mind shelling out some extra cash* on these pieces of fine junk.¬†Introducing WAM Online Merchendise:


(Good to look at, an awesome link to pass, if saved on your system we’ll definately kick ur ass)

* All transactions to be made in Euros, other currencies like soda bottle caps, magic beans, a pound of flesh, Indian rupees, Swedish Kroners, Czeck Krones, provisional degree certificates, university receipts, matching pairs of socks, random pair of socks, one sock, no sock, our own merchendise (What crap?!) are not accepted. Hugs and kisses, would be welcomed, based on whom it is from – decided by our expert steering committee. Mobile phone topup cards are accepted and expected.

Choose yout link:

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