Blogging sans Substance

Recently while continuing with our grand experiment that is wigsandmuscles I was able to see a pattern emerging. The blog has finally become self sufficient, i.e. we get 5 people everyday (I am wondering if its the same group everyday, or maybe that hypnosis post worked – I always knew it would). So we decided that the next post would only come when we hit zero visitors (which hasn’t happened yet).

So now that the experiment is finally making one thing clear: You don’t need substance to make your blog work. More importantly it made us put up this post. And now that we have acquired enough skill in blogging without skill we present to you the fruits of this experiment>>

  1. Crap sells, solid gold platted crap sells more.
  2. Making gramatical mistakes is a good way of acquiring a fan base.
  3. One must be able to link blog posts to other blogs which write on “issues” and have “substance”. Hell, to me blogs riding on substance is equivalent to substance abuse.
  4. Bugging people more than once works wonders to get more visitors.
  5. Pasting random funny gtalk conversations is a great way to fill space: also some of the convo’s are just too funny.

Exibit A:

Fan: am reading ur blog
me: which one?
Fan: y dont find sponsors for it and earn some extra cash on the side with W&M
me: oh. are u a prospective buyer?
Fan: buyer of what? ad space?
me: merchendise?
Fan: silly. sell ad space on ur blog
me: oh yes, but how?

Some things are still not clear to us and are open for discussions:

  • Random spurt in number of people visiting our blog.
  • No visitors on days having a full moon (We have a were wolf theory we’re working on).
  • People finding our blog funny/witty/amusing.
  • People complaing that our most recent blog lacked the usual quality (Quality????) or that it wasn’t as funny (funny???).
  • People aspiring to write like W&M. This ones a real doozy (wigs almost collapsed, and I almost caught him).
  • Wig’s personal blog hitting a record high, primarily due to cheap marketing skills like sending bulk e-mail forwards.
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4 thoughts on “Blogging sans Substance

  1. Tanvi says:

    no entry abt convo???????????

  2. Fan in Exhibit A says:

    sale of web ads is a good business proposition..its not funny.. 😛 ..and i want to know abt ur 3 point theory.. 🙂

  3. “Random spurt in number of people visiting our blog.”
    Somebody fell asleep over the keyboard, jamming down the F5 button?? 😀

    Jokes aside,this is a great post. Viva La Cheap marketing skills!

    P.s I wonder why I get your pic in the comment instead of the “green bacteria” pic?!

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