Desperate time -Desperate Measures

The following post is as a result of a real life experience which had its beginning in another traumatising experience of one’s laptop being laid to rest when most needed.I am not really sure what parameters define the situation when a laptop is most needed. I am sure I will bug you people with that one later. But anyway this is not about easing the pain when one’s laptop is dead. Rather it is a handy guide of rebonding with one’s laptop. Yes, it is very weird when after great (Dr. Frankenstein like) effort you bring your laptop back to life ( ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Mu ha ha ha hah a (Lightning bolts in the background – HP sevice centre employees clueless and scared) ) you find that it has no memory of your past conquests it aided. What is worse is there are no games to play except the usual shit Microsoft dishes out as entertainment of a gamer kind.

No true laptop and computer game lover can stand for this. So obviously I have to come up with a solution brilliantly packaged as a blog post. So here are the top ideas I could come up with for the games you can play when you have no regular computer games :

1) Key Board Jigsaw

Remove all the keys of your keyboard. This in itself will be a time consuming. It might also be fun for a particular set of people. Then once you have done this try to put the keys back onto the keyboard in the right order.

French keyboard

You might just wind up with a French keyboard if you aren’t all that smart with putting them back. Yeah I know what your thinking – It sure beats Mahjong.

2)DVD drive Launcher

Place a toy car infront of the DVD drive and place a pencil at a distance from it. Eject the DVD drive so that the car moves towards the pencil without touching it. It seems to borrow heavily from a famouse game on your mobile phone but once you play it you will know it really is different(specially in terms of the damaging effect it would have on your DVD drive.) For those who have CD  drives instead do not dispair . Unlike Microsoft products this game is backward compatible. Or alternatively, if you’re running on linux you might wanna put your baby off to sleep.

3) Race the worm:

This has nothing to do with the snake/worm like games. It is also a bit silly compared to the other games but has an almost hypnotic grasp on anyone who does decide to play it. One downer is that it requires Windows Vista. The small blue circle which keeps circling on the top left is the major game element.All you need to do is rotate our mouse pointer as the circle rotates. Confused? Don’t be. Just forget it. It’s not worth explaining. Yeah but this one can be really addictive

4)Demolition Man

This game uses the Minesweeper engine. Actualy it uses Minesweeper. All you have to do is to try to blow up a mine within 2 seconds of starting the game. This is actualy difficult. Though you can improve by assuming that you are playing regular minesweeper-nothing can stop you from blowing up then. Another experiment in roving Murphy’s law or a the best use of a microsoft product till date? You be the judge


This game is not for the weak hearted because of the inherent risks. All this involves is renaming any 5 windows system files to the names of people from Chacha choudhari. Then try to rename these files to the original name based on their file sizes. Then to test if you got it right restart windows. Thats about it…try it .

6)Task Manager Chance

This starts by opening the task manager. Close one program at a time. See how many you can close before explorer restarts.Keep a count of the number you could close. Also keeping time can be good. Save your scores till this game becomes famous.Then compare it here. You can leave your scores as a comment here.

7)Paintbrush Chess:

Draw a chess board on MS Paint. Play in a wide range of colours with your friends and family. For those who find this stupid Paintbrush Tic Tac Toe is a small and less irritating alternative.

Well thats all for now. Do keep reading if you are a sucker for punishment.


One thought on “Desperate time -Desperate Measures

  1. Major LOL @ Task Manager Chance!!

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