This weekend was no different. As usual I was doing what I do best when I have too much time on my hands i.e boldly going where I havn’t gone before on the cooking front. And this time I got more bolder and shot for the final frontier- making rotis. Yes, rotis. I wasn’t aiming too high though. Edibility was my first target. I din’t realy care if the rotis looked like the map of italy( a skill at which I underestimated myself-they did turn out almost like the shape of Australia, India (including its island chains) ,and the last three looked like some of the Caribbean islands.)

I started as usual(with more confidence than warented or required) just to realise that I lacked the vital information which is needed before the rotis can be made, namely, how to make the dough.

That is what this is all about…..

I don’t really want to go into the details of how I made the dough, what all was to be cleaned up after wards or what I used to extinguish fires which occured along the way.  I don’t really want to tell a story which makes you laugh and make me look stupid and give proof that I suck at something( seriously- that’s wig’s job).
So all I shall do is skip the story and go to the moral. So here are the things I learned from this experience/disaster/experiment:

1) Making dough is not only difficult for the first timer, it is messy and the rewards DO NOT outnumber the mess created. You don’t even see the products of it all, the rotis, to be of a reward when you see everything covered with flour especially when you clean the flour of your spectacles and see no improvement.

2)Geting the amount of water is critical. Never get into the state of mind where you think that if you get the water wrong you can rectify it by adding more flour. I mean yes it works,in theory, to add flour when there is excess of  water . But in theory, communism works. In theory, democracy gives you an elected form of government.I think the point is made clear- i really don’t want our blog to target on any apparently real issues(just the real and applied issues like making rotis). In short if you do get into this convoluted web of mixing water and flour all you will get is an unlimited amount of dough like unusable substance. So get it right.

3)Last but the most important I really think flour bags should come with statutary warnings telling people who don’t have any idea of how to use the contents of the bag to keep away.

And finally: Kids don’t try this at home…Leave the danger to us..and cleaning to your housemate 🙂


3 thoughts on “D’o(ug)h!

  1. Tan says:

    ha ha ha..ho ho ho..he he he…. 😉

  2. puneeth says:

    ha ha 🙂 wish me luck am gonna try it in 10 mins from now.. i shall of course inform thru this forum how d attempt was.

  3. shailendra says:

    Rule 1:Goes to show that for everything u need a guru to show you the path.
    Rule 2 : Pay attention while the guru (read mom) is explaining the basics
    Moral Now you know what “Garibi mein atta gila” means

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