“Reservoir dogs anyone?” anyone? – The review of the review

Apart from refraining to write on any relevent issue , we at wigs&muscles hate writing reviews.Be it a movie , a play or a book( my official stance on writing a book review is clear and simple- ain’t gonna happen). But it is completely okay to review a review specially in cases like this. I assume most people follow wig’s personal( read:treasonous) blog and have had a look at his latest review of the play he went to see. Before we begin with this i’d just like to say that apart from our famous cross-advertising techniques(patent pending) to promote our blogs this review to the review is highly necessary.

Well friends it all started when wig’s shot off to chennai aided by a free car ride. I had assumed that this will be a normal, slightly extended, but nothing out of the ordinary trip- that was before I was informed of his plans to watch a play. I would like to remind readers at this point that the review has still not begun.

Now it has. Well a single guy attending a play with another dude friend on a holiday is a matter which might merit a seperate discussion( an unparliamentary one at that)( Seriously people, please read Wigs’ review before you read the review to the review or you will miss out on most of the jokes here, even if i do italize it-seems to work for Wigs). Also why one would watch a play for something already made into a movie beats me( much like the way I don’t see the point in reading a book for which the movie is already out or for watching something like Twilight(movie) or reading  Twilight( book) or doing both.

What is clear from Wig’s review is that his precious play sucked(a quality which the play shares with Wigs himself- but lets not lose focus. This review is to make fun of Wig’s review not Wig’s himself). And I am sure Wigs also feels that  it sucked(why ashes thinks it din’t totaly suck is still a mystery-maybe he just enjoyed the quality time spent..whatever). A funny thing I discovered in this review was the double beep i.e u put an asterix into a filthy word and then u put a bracketed beep after the word. W*ll I alre*dy fou*d th*  u*e  *f  c*nsoring w*rds us*ng “*” ann*ying- i mean there are no eight year olds here.


Though the overall structure of the review made it a comprehensive one and the number of words used by Wigs did provide a a fair idea about the play to anyone not interested in watching it, I found the review quiet pointless because of a few reasons. Firstly, its a play and nothing more should be expected from it. Secondly , what is the point of watching a play when a movie (of EPIC PROPORTIONS) called Wanted was released on the same day!( Real men would choose Wanted over a silly play any day). I mean seriously guys. Salmaan Khan finally came up with an action movie which could only make you puke in a good way( as opposed to other bollywood “action” movies which just make you puke). And even though it was a rip off from the tamil and/or telugu movie Pokhri it still was awesome entertainment. It was pure briliance of Prabhudeva remaking a tamil movie into a tamil movie having hindi as the language of communication. I could also identify one of  Rajnikanth’s famous tamil dialogues which was directly translated into hindi.( A list of such dialogues could be found freely available on Sankalp’s blog if only he had one.) The movie had shades of kill bill(shades of crimson and red mostly) and Salmaan almost seemed like an Indian version of Jason Stathum( usualy referred to as the Bald Action Hero). There was enough insanity to allow multiple viewing of the movie and it was truly worth the 40 bucks spent on the ticket( maybe not worth the 3 hour walk back to home in the rain)

Well I could go on and on but I really don’t like writing movie reviews.

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2 thoughts on ““Reservoir dogs anyone?” anyone? – The review of the review

  1. Vig says:

    Joblessness seems to be the order of the day! However much I’d like to clarify your review about my review, I do agree to parts of it. Especially this one: Why write a review to a review that’s already a review?!

  2. Roopa says:

    Good one Vignesh.When we get remake of a remake,review of a review is very much required.An not only about the movies.But about all the issues,may it be,history,culture,epics,philosophies anything for that matter.A book for a book,a story for a story,a view for a view and a review for a review are welcome.And only they reach a huge fraction of the population than the original.

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