Fly me to the Moon

First of all this is nothing to do with Chandrayaan or the recent US twin crashes on the moon in the search of water. Now with that clarified I think i’l start another mindless yet insightful post:

As I expected the moment I left Vellore behind my brain cells again fired up and sprang back to life(resulting in this). The short flight back home was enough to sow the seeds of what is about to be presented to you. It all started when the guy next to me asked for a newspaper to read on the flight and was politely turned down(This seems to happen everytime on every “low cost” carrier) .It is only then that I understood the real plight of cheap airlines to make end meet. I thus assumed it was some of my business to offer some advice to help these poor souls out. This is some I could come up with. After I saw that this actualy forms a neat list it was almost stupid not to put it up on the blog(As I usually tell vignesh- totally blogable shit) . Too bad for you guys though . So here it is:

1) Instead of so much cabin crew passengers can take turns serving water and the “light snacks” that are offered.

2)People with laptops would be asked to give up their laptops which would be used to provide inflight entertainment. The movie would be ideally charged between 40 to 100 buks .

3)Water would be provided as bottled water(charged) or free “normal” water( free). As usual free water would be consumed a lot because of this since its free stuff but that would be instrumental for the next step.

4)Make the loo a pay toilet where the price can be decided on the amount of free water the passenger has had.

5)In case any passenger is also a registered pilot he would be pushed into the cockpit and instructed to fly the plain. That would also keep regular pilots on their toes with their jobs being threatened like that.

Disclaimer: This is not to hurt the sentiments of cabin crew, pilots or other people involved with low cost carriers. They ensure my quick home visits home can happen semi affordably. Though it is targeted to cause brain damage to whoever is dumb enough to keep visiting this blog.

2 thoughts on “Fly me to the Moon

  1. Vichar Hari says:

    Well, I would soon be travelling by the ‘low-cost’ airliners and the post has been at this damaging best. Any how, the chargeable toilets ,aint a new idea. :P.

  2. wigsandmuscles says:

    well yes the idea may be old. But innovative implementations may be thought up. Sample innovative thought: Charging 2 buks to pee and charging 15 buks(can be varied based on the expected number of people who would want to go to the loo) to let the person out of the bathroom.

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