The simple pleasures of life- enlisted

We all have heard of the phrase “The best things in life are free”  (more often when you are trying to negotiate an increase in pocket money from your dad ,a pay hike or similar financial instances). And it is not uncommon also to ponder over this very phrase in order to determine its authenticity.

Now you don’t need to strain your neurons since our expert jobless team at wigs&muscles have been able to determine most(if not all) the things in life that are pleasurable and free(or almost free). So now you can make an informed decision before you do something stupid for a raise.

<The serial numbers allocated here are only for making a list. It is not an indicator of ranking>

1)Suffering no powercuts during your favourite TV show

2)Finding more money in your wallet than you thought.( Though this one is a bit contradictory)

3)Wearing a freshly ironed shirt on a cold morning.

4)Wearing crisp underwear baked in the sun

5)Farting aloud but able to escape detection due to another louder sound occurring simultaneously from a random source.

6)Getting a better than usual cup of coffee/ tea at work

7)Successfully negotiating the price you wanted for something or the fare from the auto-rickshaw guy( Its not about the money its about the thrill)

8)Reading the newspaper while answering nature’s call

9)MP3 player lasting a whole trip on a boring train journey

10)Having a blog for your own fun

11)Being able to say  ” i told you so” when someone F’s up

12)Finding abandoned chocolates

13)Being big enough to scare someone who found abandoned chocolates

14)Finding a Rs 500 note on the ground

15)Boasting about how bad you will beat someone at something and then doing the same

16)Playing UNO and invoking customised rules at the right times

17)Getting more than 10 hits a day even with crappy blog posts..

will add more as they arise

One thought on “The simple pleasures of life- enlisted

  1. sankalp says:

    wot about waking up in the morning with ‘crazy train’ and sleeping listening to SYLAR

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