Back on popular demand

Yes we have been busy… A lot has happened between the last post and now. But we wont bore you with those details. What we will bore you with are the reasons why this post is finally coming out:

1.  We forgot about the blog

2. Some of the fans didn’t ( in the interest of his safety his identity shall remain anonymous for now…though i do expect some reward from him for this great service.. in case nothing comes out of this you guys will be intimated in advance to sharpen your pitch forks and flame your torches to take care of the one who re unleashed the pain that is muscles and wigs (or was it wigs and muscles? refer header to get confused further (and if that doesn’t confuse you this age old technique of nested bracketed text certainly will (or will it?? (maybe it won’t (or maybe it would))))).

3. Wigs for some reason decided to put up a new header reigniting my interest in this. (Coming up soon: A royal bashing of Wigs for his lack of originality while making the header). Wigs update: clip-art links have been refreshed, and shall be unleashed if required.

And now  shall end this post abruptly since I’m still a bit rusty (only iron man knows how bad that can feel)

3 thoughts on “Back on popular demand

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  2. Tanvi says:

    whats with the 2nd point??

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