Of all the things that suck

” You suck!” – a simple statement with many profound and non-profound implications. And unless you say it to a vacuum cleaner, the target of this statement will often be offended.

Though we arbitrarily have created our own personalized list of things/people/places/other proper/common nouns that suck( and in some instances ,suck big time ) there is no clear comparison on the absolute degree of suckitude. To clarify on this point let us take a simple example: We know Wigs sucks but if he is put against a vacuum cleaner, a plunger and the operating system he uses, how would he do on the relative scale.*(In my humble opinion he’d score an ‘S’ **)

As usual we provide you with a solution to this problem( cause we’re so nice)

This solution has been aptly named the CrapMeister series( as a tribute to a similar sounding name of a series which tells bio geeks like us which salt to use to precipitate a protein <expected wikipedia link to be inserted here by Wig(or he really does suck )>

Crap Meister Series:

Note : The position of Wigs has been omitted in the series to prevent a possible uncomfortable situation( i.e him crying like a pussy)

Industrial strength Vacuum pumps >>> Vacuum cleaner >> Wigs > Windows 7 > that boy who stole my lunch box, school diary and pencil box on the same day when i was in the 1st grade > PlungerThe Twilight series(don’t even wonder if i’m talking about the books or the movies..just go jump in a well or something if that thought even entered your head) Finding you have a flat tire on a monday morning > Getting a positive negative control in your carefully planned experiment(for non geeks this won’t make sense or matter)

> Random email forwards> people who send you random email forwards > Airtel network when you really need to make a call > Airtel network when they need to make  a call to you  to sell off  a hit new song in a regional language as a caller tune >

>(List shal be continued)

** Years of research has shown that relative grading is the best method of evaluation. It was truly a jem of a research work(if you know what i mean. Hopefully U don’t or we could get into trouble)

3 thoughts on “Of all the things that suck

  1. shreshtha says:

    good attempt at striking partner in crime down..but this one (and i’d take this opportunity to say) SUCKS big time! you can do better mote

  2. Vig says:

    Errata: Relative grading must have been a JEMS of a research work.

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