An Unorthodox Obituary

At W&M we are always looking forward to churning out nonsense. It is due to this inherent contentphobic nature of our blog that I have been experiencing what can only be described as the crappers block (our equivalent of writers block). But certain events have acted as a much needed enema and will hopefully resume this blog if only for sometime.
The event here is the sad demise of my laptop( yes it happened again). After much time in denial I finally convinced myself to get a new laptop and with it came a much needed technology upgrade to the W&M team. Much needed because between my laptop cum desktop and the harmonium that wigs uses we really dint have much to work with( can u hear us sponsors? before we are driven to cheap wikipedia like “personal message from the founder” tactics).

The rest of this post shall now be devoted in making fun of Wigs’ piece of crap laptop
– As some of you might know and most of you will know soon Wig’s laptop has been rechristened as “the harmonium”. The reason for this has nothing to do with music. It’s just that to operate this laptop one needs to do a similar effort as required to operate a harmonium i.e. move the flap back and forth till the visual display becomes fine( laptop) or till you want the music to play(harmonium).

Please do not read this post. It is absolute junk. Oops too late!

One thought on “An Unorthodox Obituary

  1. shreshtha mittal says:

    ha ha………..another awesum post…god!!!!….still laughin..ha ha ha

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