The lack of knowledge on a subject has never prevented me from blogging about it ( a fact most of our regular readers must have come to accept now..that and the grammatical/spelling errors). But this is not true for this post which is much like the last post in content. Even with the valuable insights that I produced in the last post on South Indian cooking ( mental note:  force Wig to get off his lazy ass and insert link to that post here) most people did not realize my culinary brilliance. So here I present a global scheme for cooking which most may realize in pretty good though not very detailed which is good since most people who read this would thanks me for leaving the non essentials out (plus too much detail would probably cause your brains to explode).

So here it is:

P.S : In case you are not able to see this masterpiece, do not panic, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. Just click on the damn image to enlarge it.

3 thoughts on “FOOD WEB

  1. Prateek says:

    ……..and I thought I was studying food sci 🙂

  2. shreshtha mittal says:

    like ka option chahiye…public demand…!!!!

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