For Simple Muscles

Well today is Father’s day and this seemed like a great way to honor the person known as Simple Muscles( not to mention a cheap and inexpensive way. As the son of a chartered accountant it seems only logical to strive to invest money in mutual funds and not in emotions 🙂 )

You might see that this is not a usual WAM post. This is because this post goes out to promote my Dad’s blog instead of this one. This will probably serve as a motivation for him to actually write something so that I could offer him some cheap publicity much like we offer ourselves. Only seems fair to motivate the person who motivates you.

Since this is mostly about father’s day I would as usual like to offer my opinion on the subject. A father is basically a person who has known you for as many years as your age and is the default friend you start off with. Also the father is the leader of the Mutual Admiration Society (MAS) of which one becomes an active member to acknowledge each other’s greatness before this obvious fact becomes common knowledge to other people. Where other friends will become jealous of you when you achieve something, your father will not only be happy for you but also shamelessly try to claim sole credit for the achievement ( A trick  known in our MAS as the Ferrari joke- more such information would be found on the blog of Simple Muscles)

So to sum it up fathers basically prepare you for life by being a knowledgeable friend who is mature enough to show you the right thing to do and immature enough to indulge in a dangerous game of indoor house cricket (though in case of accidental damages he will probably hide the bat and then pretend that he wasn’t involved.)

Hope we see some posts by simple muscles soon.

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