The journey

This is not just another post. This is history being re-written. Speaking of history, I have always been into changing history. Like the time in class eight, when I wrote in my history exam paper that the cold war was called so because it was fought during winter in cold Siberian deserts. But this isn’t that kind of history. Or any kind of history at all. It is the kind of history that everyone reads: young/old, man/woman/transgender (keeping in line with the Punjab government), normally abled/differently abled, immigrants/residents, DJs/those who aren’t DJs, Air pilots/those who don’t fly planes, and just everyone. The kind of history that everyone was looking for. The kind of history that would . . . hang on, where was I?

You see, history and I don’t get along too well. It tried to kill me twice and succeeded once. But as we all know, history is dead and I am alive. So, now you tell me who’s the boss of who?

This day (technically yesterday, but there was a real stupid post on transformers – I mean, seriously – I have no words) is the day we commemorate the joining of our fiftieth facebook page fan. Now I haven’t spent enough time to go check who that lucky 50th fan was, but let me tell you one important piece of advise in management mister-mysterious-fiftieth-fan:

In the words of Michael Scott, “My philosophy is basically this: And this is something I live by. I always have; and I always will. Don’t ever … for any reason … do anything … to anyone … for any reason … ever … no matter what … no matter where …  or who or whom you are with … or where you are going … or where you’ve been … ever .. for any reason whatsoever…”

<end of post>

P.S.: To commemorate the 50 fans to our facebook fan page, we’re introducing the first golden jubilee logo:

Well, now that that’s taken care of, let’s open a Google+ fan page. I’m back, bitches! 😀      Muscles’ update: Palas 1 (+1) to that

and now introducing the second golden jubilee logo

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