Dedicated to W&M

With the launching of W&M 2.0 we would like to dedicate this song to Wigs and Muscle. This poem goes out to all W&M fans whichever loony bin they are currently in.

They say this blog is nonsensical,

and reeks of filth and crap;

and that they liked us on facebook too

was because of a devious trap.

When there’s so much news to spread around

and issues important are abound,

we don’t really seem to care

whatever is rubbish you’l find it here.

Our language is poor

and spellings are off,

our jokes are hackneyed

and our designer’s an oaf.

For cheap publicity to any level we’ll stoop

for an audience of a million nincompoops.

So on this highly poetic note

We put this up on popular vote

By the stupid and for the stupider

forever remains our stance

And we hope you still endure

our blog posts sans substance.

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