Of Parks and Elephants and other Useless Buildings

They say elephants never forget. Elephants are the largest mammals on land, have tusks and a characteristic trunk. Enough about elephants. Lets move onto parks.

Though I try not to write about anything related to politics this one borders more in the realm of stupidity than politics so I will give it a go.  A park, recently inaugurated in Noida, has been in the news(since it seems to have altered life as we know it), and I couldn’t have cared less if the park wasn’t in Noida( thats where I’m from) or if it wasn’t filled with statues of elephants among other things.

While some have debated whether it cost 685 crores or it was a waste of 700 crores I really don’t care too much about that. Just that any amount of money to be spent on something like this defies logic. And as in the case of any logic defying situation, we, at W&M are here to provide clarity on the topic.

Ironically, (ironically this might not be the correct use of irony), a conversation with another friend, Katy Jane( names have been changed as usual to protect our fans from other fans)  of mine from school (also in Noida) led me to write this for the general public.  And though the park won’t be open to visitors while I visit Noida, it hasn’t really dampened my spirit to dampen the statues the next chance I get ( u may send in your contributions- gallons of water, beer, fruit juice, videos of flowing water, etc).

Now the task of explaining how this disaster could have happened, and a monument of this proportion could come into existence is difficult to convey simply in words. So after careful analysis our experts at W&M were able to put together this simplified mechanism which can be seen below. On closer observation you would be able to see that a lot of retarded things that happen in this country follow a similar path to completion..So here it is..Marvel in its simplicity..

Wig update:

While I am not too keen on writing of politics, I should contribute my two paisa to this post. And if you are actually worried about politics, I got a friend who is all incorrect about it – check this out. So, coming back to this elephantic talk, I think there is just too much money being wasted on useless stuff – thereby making us waste more time on writing on these useless stuff, and making you waste time reading all this useless stuff (although the last point I/we gain evil pleasure from). Like for instance, this:

Yes, this building in this picture was to be the new Secretariat-come-StateAssembly for Tamil Nadu, and this beautiful building is in Singaara Chennai (which is where I come from). Darn it Muscles, now both of us have had to reveal our identities. So this one was built by the old government, then it was shelved the day the new government came into power. And perhaps five years from now it would have been put into use. But thanks to a useless guy giving a darn about taxpayer’s money putting up a public interest litigation, the government decided to “use” that building by converting it into a multi speciality hospital. How? By blowing up another ~200 crore rupees (to make the building hospital-able). It just blows my brains out at times.

And all that I can think of looking at these “monumental” waste of money, is the following equation (and yes, unlike the other co-founder to this “epic blog/organization”, I am good with math):

So, take your time, think well, and vote for us tomorrow in the local body elections. No free biriyani, no money for votes, just more useless posts. And no, we aren’t contesting.

P.S.: This post has been dedicated to our good friend and colleague Roonam Pajak (name changed to protect her identity).

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3 thoughts on “Of Parks and Elephants and other Useless Buildings

  1. anon says:

    Wigs and Muscles ..hope this study of “waste of elephants and bricks” has made you realise that behind not just every Successful / unsuccessful man there is a woman…..but behind such projects too. Secondly please note there is a silver lining to every cloud. These 2 great ladies are single…..that means two men have been saved from torturous matrimony…may be thru this situation India has been saved from great Boforious nefarious fund trans….at least they remained in the country and Swiss bank was saved the trouble ;)…..

    • Muscles says:

      Dear Anonymous Chachi
      I see the ” silver lining” as described by you in a dramatically different way. Had these great ladies been married they would have only ruined the lives of 1 man. For saving 2 men of torturous matrimony ( and this is assuming the two men in question are not in tortuous matrimony with someone else) we all have had a greater price to pay. Marriage is a great institution for some people and such people, I strongly believe, should be institutionalized.

  2. Shreshtha's Anony Mass says:

    I was tempted to leave this after reading the 1sst paragraph and drifting off: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/irony

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