Wigs: Dude, let’s WAM!!

Muscles: What’s WAM?

Wigs: Did you ask that while the TV’s were WAMming about Zoot?!

Muscles: No, because I didn’t care what Zoot meant.

Wigs: Why do you not care? This is the problem with you Indians. You don’t care about what goes on on TV, and when someone says something to you while they make a blog-post, you go all “dude what does that mean”. It’s almost as if:

Wigs (contd.): There’s just no end to your un-understanding.

Muscles: Don’t you mean mis-understanding.

Wigs: See?! You see?! There’s no end to your un-interpretations.

Muslces: “MIS”interpretations.

Wigs: Did I miss something?

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