Paanch Theh Tiger

No no..Its not what it looks like. This has nothing to do with the Salmaan Khan Blockbuster doing the rounds these days. I know how you might have done a link-and-think. For those who followed the Oceans 11 series (Oceans 11,12, 13) you might have thought the Ek Tha Tiger series might also follow an arithmetic progression leading to possibly a Do theh Tiger, Teen theh Tiger….till Paanch Theh Tiger (n=5). As much as I would like to blog about this movie without seeing it, this post I assure you has nothing to do with it. What it has something to do with are 2 things:

1. I am Jobless (and not the kind I was before)

2. This actually/probably involves 5 tigers.

Well it all started with a weekend visit to UK. UK as you all must know also stands for Uttarakhand. And my destination was the hill-station known as Bhimtal (In case you are worried this is going to become a travel blog, you can put your fears to rest.). The talk of the town was supposedly the mayhem caused by the tigers in these hills. My uncle told us stories about these wild cats with great gusto, pointing at some of the nearby trees where the Tiger’s 3 cubs (2 parent tigers + 3 offspring tigers = 5 tigers, and hence the title) would bask in the sun, on some occasions or narrating the tales of local domestic animals going “missing”. After hearing similar stories from many others (ranging from tiger sightings near the backyard of some homes, claims of the tigers quenching their thirst from the garden hose and also half eaten animals being left to be discovered).

With so much circumstantial evidence my Dad summed up much of the mystery surrounding the tigers by recalling another one of his famous jokes (something that I shall share this time). The tigers, according to him, belonged to the category of things that included ghosts and good wives (the joke being that many people talk about them but no one has actually ever seen one).

We also visited a few people we knew there, and on one such occasion we played with one of their pet dogs before sitting down for a while. While leaving, after hearing another round of tiger tales, and convinced that there is no chance of actually seeing a tiger in action, we returned to our car where we saw the pet dog, we had played with about an hour ago, laying dead on the road. With mixed feelings of regret for the loss of life and excitement of a possible tiger attach we inquired what had happened. Unfortunately, the dead dog was a result of a car and not a carnivore. In the end all I could say was Ek bhi  Tha Tiger ?

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One thought on “Paanch Theh Tiger

  1. simplemuscles says:

    Good job. Now I can rest in piece ( the spelling mistake is intentional) that I have brought up my boy well. He has quoted the joke and given me credit for it. Way to go boy

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