New belt

Howdy ho!

Technology seems to be growing quite fast. Since Google is something we respect, and they’ve moved so much forward, we at wigsandmuscles™ have decided to keep pace. We now introduce a whole new upgrade in our website: the belly jean.

Now, we have loaded in a whole new bunch of features that every dying fan of wigsandmuscles wishes to cherish! We’ve spruced up the header, changed a few colours around, incorporated a jar of beans wearing a pair of jeans and a wig, all for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I mean it. 😛

And to make sure you aren’t devoid of our glorious content, we have all the posts un-altered. And for the frantic facebook link searchers, we’re working on sprucing up our homepage and will shoot it out in the near future.

We have also fixed some internal bugs on this upgrade. Now your neural cells will die at only half the rate, owing to the soothing grey colour of the font in a white background. Also, we have statistically shown this using our 87-odd growing fanfare! Proof here:

Keep reading. And spread the word. Spread the pain. Get more fans. Until we hit the ‘near future’, …

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