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Writers’ block, ironically, is something about which a lot has been written already. Many people say that the fastest way to overcome it is by writing whatever comes to mind. My problem, unfortunately, is not as easily solvable. I usually land in, what is, the lazy writers block, where it is more of being lazy than anything else that is the major barrier; I always have stuff to write about (a lot of stuff shouldn’t be written about is another barrier to my writing).

My strategy to get out of the block is simple: Start with a joke. Not a unique solution but the trick lies in making the joke a bad one. The idea behind this is simple… a good joke builds up expectation of the reader and then it’s a downhill journey from there, a bad joke on the other hand shows that what follows can’t possibly be worse (but we have shocked ourselves many times by achieving this very feat). But in any case… here it goes… I begin… with a bad joke.

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The Bad Joke:

Q. If you were in a jungle by yourself and a gorilla charged you, what would you do?

A. Pay him.

Speaking of gorillas, our attention was brought to this advertisement and we were asked to review it (seems we are being taken as serious bloggers now). We shall now shamelessly (and bravely) do that.  While the commercial does show its product (plywood) and its qualities (superman like strength) in the best possible light, what is more admirable is that it also warns people of the hazards of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries of their wives. The advertisement shows a man being protected from a charging gorilla, by the woodwork, door and cupboard all made of the advertised plywood. This gorilla actually turns out to be his wife who is visibly angry at the husband for forgetting her birthday (or anniversary. I can’t recall). While comparing the angry woman to a gorilla might seem over-the-top to some, it isn’t completely inaccurate. We have all seen people, “go bananas” in similar situations. A wise man has said that the best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once. This advertisement seems to show how that could work. Saying anything more on this matter could be injurious to our health… (Specially wigs in the nearer future).

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