Running east-bound

Research is something that both wigs and muscles of wigsandmuscles embrace. All forms of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. We often recommend the Ig Nobels, or how you could write consistently boring scientific articles (Sand-Jensen, 2009).

Beyond our quirks, wishes and likes, there has always been one big fascination: that be the class of classy research that stands a whole class apart. Which rises to great heights, and instantly excites anyone (that’s what she said). Take our previous post for example, where we elaborately discuss to what lengths research has gone. An important aspect to take note of is the geographic location of such emenating research: Japan, Australia and Great Britan often stand in tight competition. However, Australia outshines its close competitors. Here are some examples of why Australia is shining:

  • John Michael Keogh’s wheel, having been awarded the Innovation Patent #2001100012 for describing a circular transportation fecilitation device.
  • Perceived attractiveness of penis length to women based on computer generated manequins. Pioneering research at the Australian National University.
  • This study on disappearing teaspoons in Australia.

Now, having given enough proof, and after years of joking and jesting about them, we have stumbled upon a difficult but not necessarily “sad”. Our very own muscles is heading to the kangaroo-land in a day, forcing us to shift our world headquarters and make it truly international. On behalf of every strand of folicle there is in this Wig (which has regrown btw), I wish you a bon voyage!! Go kill some prostate cancer! Godspeed muscles, godspeed.

2 thoughts on “Running east-bound

  1. Muscles says:

    Interesting how I just saw this today! It seems we don’t have enough time on our hands for time pass! A situation that must be remedied as soon as possible.. might I suggest a change in blog theme.. I shall come up with my first post from down under soon!

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