Souvenir Shop

This page gives you comprehensive details of our very own w&m merchendise. We have a lot to offer, now that we have over 20 suckers on facebook who are our fans. Fans, I tell you!

Moving on, first we present you our t-shirt designs. To begin with, we like to attract the conventional, non-flashy, bland-t-shirt-seeking idiots with this design:

Shirt 3Attract you my foot! Screw you guys, you don’t deserve to wear our t-shirts, or even look at our designs. Hmph. Next, for the artistically inclined, we present you a shirt that has a WM ambigram in it:

Shirt 1In your face, NID. And of course, for the conventional fan, we have shirts with wigs or muscles, as you wish:

Shirt 2So much to shirts. We also designed a mug so that you could look into our inspiring faces while taking your first cup of coffee in the morning:

Mug 1Refreshing, ain’t it?! Now we present you a series of caps/hats. The conventional cap for lesser mortals:

Cap 1And for those from the wild wild west, here’s a cowboy hat:

Cap 2And for the fresh graduates, now with the convocation season in place, we present you our very own w&m graduate pass out convocation hats:

Cap 3And now we have our own shopping bag. Shop this season with w&m, and your photo if you like:

BagAnd finally (finally so far) a clock to perfectly whacked out crackpots:

ClockAll pictures were googled out, and they’re one too many from various sources. If you own any of the source pictures here, please feel free to take credit for it. We take absolutely no responsibility for them. And oh, if you wish to buy any of these merchendise, comment below, or publish your credit card details on any national newspaper daily, and we shall process your request. Yeah we will. 😉

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