Contests 2 Ignore

After finally having you people notice our blog(without a clue about why) we thot its good to make this more interactive(because apparently leaving comments isn’t realy the “In thing”) …So here we introduce our first contests section(making good on yet another ridiculuous promise: https://wigsandmuscles.wordpress.com/wassup/ ) (Yeah we are doing nested advertising for our pages now 🙂 )

Simple rules:

1)We cannot participate(until unless no one else does.In which case we would have no other option but to make this a mess too. So you know the incentive now)

2)The prizes offered are great.But you need to pay for the shipping charges and the taxes and reimburse us for any travelling that we did in finding them. Also in case of prizes being exotic animals, stolen property, national heritage of some country you need to be the one responsible.

You are free to not accept the prize. But the infamy and Glory will be all urs !!

So here we go

This week

Come up with a wity slogan or a short stupid paragraph.(Remember stupidity is a non negotiable attribute.So if there is any touchy feely crap….) Also try to put in experimental proof of any theories.

And the GRAND prize is :

A MOOOOOOOOOOOOONSTER truck !!!!(remember u pay for the shiping and for the return of any Pro-Wrestler who might be found in it)

.. and the winner is the creature in the picture below:


and he’s won it for the slogan that will be posted here next week.

Next contest

Guess what our categories for each post mean !

Grand prize: Lower abdominal reagon of a lab mouse(we just figured that we should show that we do give a rat’s ass about the contest)

6 thoughts on “c2i

  1. saloni kapoor says:

    i guess instead of asking us to come up with witty slogans just like that, maybe u guys could have some silly pics or videos that cld require some witty slogans, or maybe an incomplete story requiring a witty end! commom make this more fun guys!

    • wigsandmuscles says:

      I guess we asked for slogans not advice..which reminds me..i think we shud have a page for feedback

      • wigsandmuscles says:

        And yes if ppl want some silly pictures to make a slogan on i suggest u go to facebook and search for pictures of a certain Saloni Kapoor(aka gollum)..i think that should be silly enough

  2. puneeth says:

    candidate: ” virodhi party wale ne bahut saare vaade kiye hai .. jo woh nai nibhayega.. mera simple mantra hai – tum mujhe vote do mein tumhe kuch bhi nai doonga! zyaada se zyaada barbaadi doonga ”

    well cudn’t think of any other … election time here u see..

  3. sankalp srivastava says:

    fir haath main julaab hai..gas chod raha hoon main

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