If the simple words used on the top row of this blog are too complicated for your untrained mind, you’ve reached the right page to find out what stands for what. This page is of course a copy-paste of a gtalk conversation, which was the result of my patient explaining to our dear friend gollum.

  • The what page describes our categories, where there’s a special mention of our friend Gopal, for his ability to classify things.
  • The who page is our about section – in short tells you who we are.
  • When is an arbit page, totally pointless, but has been put up to ridicule VIT.
  • Wassup is a general update page, although it hasn’t been updated more than once. But keep checking it regularly; you’d never know when we become methodical.
  • Whatever has all the snippets we couldn’t effectively convert into a post. what becomes a post and what gets published in “whatever” is a purely random decision.
  • c2i is our innovative contests section that gives prizes to active participants.
  • Finally, spikes and daggers is for general wigs against muscles type conversations.
  • Update: as we wish to act human at times and take back some crap, we’ve a spit back page put up now. Feel free to let out your rage there. We’ll never read it!

And if you understood all the above, click home to take you to the home page. If not, read on. The widget (that is how wordpress prefers calling that thing) on the right hand-side provides the following informations:

Our personal blogs – muscles has put an end to his personal blogging and now is dedicating his mind & body, heart & soul to this beautiful creation. Wigs on the other hand is still trying to fight insanity by blogging on stuff other than what he puts up here.

A “tag cloud” – this thing is seriously flawed for 2 main reasons: it does not look like a cloud; and the proportion of tags isn’t according to the number of times it’s been used. I found a much cooler tag cloud about which you can read about here, but it’s too complicated to sit and implicate. So if I find time, I shall put it up.

And finally the number of people (some innocent, rest sinners) who stumble upon our site and bother reading through it. Enjoy!

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