Spikes and Daggers

This is a special page. In any friendship there are bound to be certain misunderstandings from time to time.The best way to deal with such things is to be open and to discuss it amongst each other and ………………yeah gotcha dint I. You thought this was gona be a good heart to heart type nausiating post here.

This is where we go really low (in our quest for comments). Making our wise ass remarks about each other’s opinions public seemed to be a good idea. So this is a page where we show our difference of opinions on issues(not important ones. If they were important then it wud be on a different blog: try http://vigneshjvn.wordpress.com/ to get more sane stuff to read).

P.S : We are about to unleash another pain on this world: our logo. This one is muscles’ work πŸ™‚ W&Ms


And then of course, you have the master artist’s creation (with some aid from photoshop, truly depicting the nature of wigs and muscles):


What do you say?!

*We would like to give credit toΒ m&m for helping us create the logos.

22 thoughts on “Spikes and Daggers

  1. vigneshjvn says:

    wig seriously thinks that muscles ought to get a hold of himself when it comes to changing the theme of this blog. He’s been changing it more than once a day, without looking into the technical formatting problem. Widgets as they are called (for the wordpress disabled, that referrs to the hits counter, links and all that stuff), don’t appear the same way in every theme you apply – so it’s a problem for the formatting guy, a.k.a. wigs when the evil content provider, a.k.a. muscles pries into his area. Hmph.

    • wigsandmuscles says:

      Muscles seriously doesn’t care what Wigs seriously thinks.I know u slave over the themes and can’t sleep at night if a link goes wrong(or a comma is misplaced,) πŸ™‚ .But there is no room for seriousness with all the insanity goin around. So changin themes at random is just for my fun πŸ™‚ not ur’s :).I’f u have to cry ‘urself to sleEp over that then u can always put a min into it and make it ok πŸ™‚ .

      • vigneshjvn says:

        You do realize that this is precisely the reason why I try maintaining my blog too – and that shall stay pristine. πŸ˜› Play around as your please, muscles.

  2. muscles says:

    Dude the number of hits ur blog gets is even lower than the number of girls that hit on u in france(we are talking sub zero here)

  3. vigneshjvn says:

    Muscles ought to get into rehab to deal with his drinking problem. It’s leading to too many awesome (a.k.a. stupid) ideas and not enough time for a sober wig to deal with.

    • masaldan says:

      Maybe its the lack of see too ech five oh ech in ur blood stream thats the problem.. πŸ™‚

      • vigneshjvn says:

        I do get enough of alcool Γ©thylique in my bloodstream. You ought to remain sober for at least a little while. It’s good for your body, you know!

  4. vigneshjvn says:

    Wigs finds the name “shanky” all too amusing for muscles! Hahaha! “shanky” LOL!

  5. wigsandmuscles says:

    It seems like that
    Wigs actively passive smokin out of a smoking french hotty
    in brief
    thats the best way i describe it..doesnt know what he is tumbling into

    • vigneshjvn says:

      Very funny, Shanky, oh I mean muscles. Wigs would like to reiterate that despite all the tongue hockey-ing, he’s gotten enough time to upkeep this blog. Despite muscles’ dearly departed laptop.

  6. vigneshjvn says:

    Wigs thinks that muscles should rename his user login in his laptop to “shanky”. Oh, wait a minute, muscles’ laptop doesn’t run! Haha! Or was it a sentimental issue?! Clarify.

    • wigsandmuscles says:

      Why is everyone so sadistic in this world..I mean I tell tanvi my laptop is screwed and for some reason she finds it awesome..everone seems happy with my great loss

  7. vigneshjvn says:

    Long time since we last started bickering at one another. Muscles’ is proving example of his latest post on thesis writing. He’s trying beyond what he’s capable of, and hence is my duty to keep this blog running. Is this how a team works?!

    • wigsandmuscles says:

      Boy do not question my capabilities..i eat blogposts like urs for breakfast..or better still..i fart such blog posts in my sleep..might i remind u that this is ur first post after a long time(and i know u have been working on this one since france.) i on the other hand churn out atleast 3 crappy posts per week πŸ™‚

      • vigneshjvn says:

        It’s okay. You got the next two weeks to flaunt your superman capacities to the full! Good luck blogging, I’ll see you in Noida on the seventeenth.

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