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6 worst inventions since the Industrial revolution

Well this post could be called a continuation of muscles’ 10 best inventions. Here’s my list of 6 worst inventions. I really don’t know if they date back to the dawn of time. I couldn’t think of more to make it a round number, and this post has been rotting in the drafts section for quite some time. These inventions really don’t have any priority over one another – just that they all are crappy in my opinion.

Toilet paper

If you’re an Indian and are accustomed to years of using a health faucet (a.k.a. a bum-washer), you’d loathe toilet papers! For one, they burn under certain conditions. Furthermore, when they go empty, this is what happens:

Picture courtesy extreme funny humor here. Here’s our next contestant.

Facebook quizzes


What the?! They’re everywhere! And yes, we’ve written enough about that earlier on this glorious blog-post. We even have our own celebrated wigsandmuscles quiz which you can take here. Thanks to my good friend Srivatsan (a.k.a. Malli) for taking this yet-another-ridiculable-quiz (see picture above). Moving on, here’s what’s next on the list:

Short messaging service

Never heard of it?! It’s also called SMS. The darned thing’s screwed English royally!

The language some people use while texting (or SMSing for the uneducated) is so difficult to comprehend that it almost competes with our blog in inflicting pain. Good try – you’re nothing more than a mention up this site, short messaging service. Hmph. And next we have,



Seriously, this is definitely one of the worst things that’s happened to mankind, and we’re magnanimous enough to admit it. Furthermore, this shows that we’re living in a small world – what shines in one blog-post sucks in another. Also proves things have their bright sides and dark halves. Moving on, the next worst invention being

Digital camera

One of man’s biggest vices. The digital camera era has almost put an end to printing photos, and we’ve long lost the happiness we get in looking into printed pictures. Plus (or palas, as Patna Shiva would put it), people just go mad buying cameras with high resolutions, and then go buying external hard-discs to store that data – what for is still a mystery. If you aren’t going to print pictures, why on earth do you need all those high-resolution images?! And here’s our celebrated celibrity entry:

Net trapping system for capturing a robber immediately


Kuo Cheng Hsieh’s amazing system ought to make capturing bank-robbers cost effective. After all, who needs all those high-end closed circuit cameras and alarms?! And mind you, this dude got this patented in 2001, and also won an IgNobel award for it.

That’s about it for this list. And a gentle reminder to you, we’re up on facebook and you can become a fan of ours so that you’d be updated with new posts all the time! Happy reading!

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    Top 10 inventions since the dawn of time!

    Here goes the list. No chit chat this time…

    1) Fire


    2) Barbeque.


    I wanted to put barbeque up at number 1 but there was the obvious technical constraint..i mean seriously what good is fire otherwise if not in a barbeque..I mean yes it glows and is hot but so do EtBr in UV and Angelina Jolie respectively.

    3) Barbeque sauce..no no just kidding. Its a fußball table(for those trying to find the key which types “ß” ..hope ur in germany otherwise as they say on orkut ..sorry no doughnut


    4) AOE-I dnt think i need to justify it being here.Although I do wonder y its so much down the list.The only Microsoft product I dont hate..Im actualy in love with it. (AOE is Age of Empires…for those who have no clue..also those ppl may stop visiting this blog)

    aoe aoe1



    yes parafilm: one of the most wonderful substance known to man (if u have no clue about what is parafilm, then either you have never worked in a lab, or you have worked in a very pathetic lab, and in both cases I pity you).

    6) Chocolate

    chocmore chocolate

    Its an addiction for me..hence i have this constant urge to put this in the list

    7) Google stuff: G-Talk,G-Mail, G translate, G-maps,etc




    Yeah the only invention of man which made him secondary to another being..fictional or not is another debate.

    9)This blog ..


    yeah it makes the list.Obviously.What did u expect..Its like when a TV channel makes an award function they win the best prize..we have been more humble to put ourselves at 9 (though we know we are more awesome than this)

    10) Free internet resource..use it or abuse it ..it still makes the cut

    Other mentionable stuff: The wheel, Photoshop, spellcheck, Ice cream cone, Gummy bears..

    Wigs update: We’ve had more to add to this list, thanks to Ramya: boomerangs, pull back cars, post-it notes. I took the previlage of adding lego building blocks (under the various brandnames they come in), photoshop (oh, he said that already, never mind), the five-rupee coffee by Nescafe, and so on.

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