This page is our way of givin you a headsup on whats goin to be thrust into ur face via this blog..so don’t cry later that we din’t warn you..


New stuff: we’re recruiting! 😀 Now that we’ve had over a 2000 hits, we at wigsandmuscles are looking for bright young contributors to our valuable site. Now you can get to put forward your ideas up our prestigious blog for free! Yes, we mean it: FREE! And you might even win yourself an admin-for-the-day award (kidding, no way are we giving that away)! So to participate, mail either of us your ideas (you may find our contact details at our Who? page), or scribble in the comments section below, or post it up our facebook fan page. Happy reading. If not, we’re happy!


Useless blogs..duh! More specifically we tap into our feminine side by exploring the art (?) of cooking(we also try to find if Wigs has masculine side)

Cheap contests that shud never be and unbelievable prizes (that ud never get)

More Photoshop show off stuff from Wig (still more to come though)

And free T-shirts with WigsAndMuscles logos for just 15 Euros(yeah that idea came from Airtel’s free hello tunes.I still dont know how they are free when u pay 15 buks (to all non-NRI’s, bucks refers to euros) for it..please help anyone who has a clue or else im gona blog on that too..see warnin u again)

Older still :

Boldly going where no crap has gone before

Awesome Youtube videos

Prison Drake..the nitwit Slowfield and his “brilliant” plans finaly revealed

More crap as usual !

Also check out our page on Face Book and if you aren’t a fan yet, join here.

3 thoughts on “Wassup?

  1. puneeth says:

    looking forward to the contests.. yeah u guys seem to be trying all out to provide us with some entertainment.. contests, photoshop.. etc.. ok i think i shud be expecting some photoshop on myself! 😀

    • vigneshjvn says:

      Nah, we’re keeping the cute stuff out of this blog. We intend making it, what do you call it? “Pure evil,” right. Muhahaha!

      • wigsandmuscles says:

        hey we arnt trying to provide anyone entertainment except ourselves..we pledged to live by our moto..lets be clear on that.

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