If you’ve read the posts on this blog you’d notice they’ve been categorised into three categories, namely category 1, category 2 and category 3. The inspiration to this sort of labelling comes from a common friend of ours – by the nick name Gopal, who has this uncanny ability of classifying things. “Human beings are of 2 sexes, sex 1 and sex 2,” he would go on. Never mind. So let us know what you think the three categories stand for. We’ve had so many visitors in the first few days and hardly any comments/feedback. This is sort of making us sad – which would cause us to write more of course. So if you want to play your role in ending this madness, here’s your golden opportunity: find out what the three categories stand for. The person who gets to figure them out correctly might get a chance to become a contributor to this wonderful blog. Good luck!

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